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Role of Carbo Animalis Homeopathic Remedy

Carbo Animalis is used to complete the action of Carbo Vegetabilis. In the otherworld, after applying Carbo Veg. the residual part of complaints or sufferings can be solved or removed with Carbo Animalis. Because Carbo Animalis is more deep acting than Carbo Veg. The remedy is prepared from charred ox-hide and contains a small quantity of Calcarea Phosphoricum in it. It is a complementary of Calc phos.
The proving of Carbo animalis presents the appearance of a broken down constitution. It brought out in the provers just such symptoms as occur in old, feeble constitutions with poor repair and lack of reaction.

Keynote of Carbo Animalis

  • Useful in scrofulous and venous constitutions, in old persons, greatly debilitated by disease.
  • Enlargement of veins in different parts of the body, blueness of skin with weak circulation and lowered vitality.
  • Diseases which have an insidious onset, are chronic and sluggish in development and may assume malignancy in the long run.
  • Weak anemic and broken down constitutions.
  • Sad, fearful, debilitated and broken down constitutions, in late stages of exhausting diseases.
  • Slow, chronic malignant disorders < from slight cause.
  • Indurations, burnings, ulcerations and degenerations.
  • Great weakness, exhaustion from loss of vital fluids.
  • Carb-an. is suited to old persons, greatly debilitated, especially when there is venous plethora, and blueness of skin.
  • Ulceration, gangrene, and decomposition are marked, and may be looked upon as the counterpart of the antiseptic properties of the crude substance.
  • Copper-colored eruptions show the appropriateness of the drug to many cases of constitutional syphilis.
  • Glands of stony hardness.
  • Buboes.
  • It is often indicated in the last stage of pneumonias, bronchitis, phthisis.
  • Right chest is most affected.
  • Cancer of breast with burning, drawing pains through breast.
  • Cancer of uterus, burning pains down thigh.
  • Affections from loss of animal fluids, especially nursing women.
  • Weakness of nursing women, can hardly walk across the room.
  • "Gone" feeling from loss of fluids.
  • Too weak to eat.
  • Weeps when she eats.
  • Nausea at night.
  • Hunger in early morning.
  • The goneness of Carb-an. is not better by eating (Carb-v. better eating).
  • Constipation where patient thinks bowels will be moved but only wind passes.
  • There is a smothering feeling on closing eyes.
  • Aversion to dark.
  • A peculiar symptom is: A feeling of looseness-of eyes in sockets, of brain on motion or coughing.
  • Far-sighted (Carb-v. is near-sighted).
  • Objects seem farther apart and brighter.
  • Aversion to cold (Carb-v. to heat).
  • There are many sensations of coldness: in chest, about stomach.
  • Discharges are ichorous, but the discharge from piles is inodorous.
  • Carb-an. 3X trituration has been used for insufflation in aural polypi.
  • The leucorrhoea stains linen yellow.
  • Sweat stains yellow.
  • Expectoration is greenish, purulent, offensive (Carb-v. yellow, more fetid).
  • Gnawing pains in tibia (during the night), such as usually followed cold feet.
  • Cough evening and morning, or after lying down, especially at night, thick or frothy whitish or yellowish sputa, sweetish when thick, worse lying on right side, worse from exposure to air, to which he is very sensitive.
  • Great tendency to catch cold." The pains in the coccyx are peculiar, a dragging, bruised pain, when touched it becomes burning.
  • It has cured many cases of injured coccyx and of neuralgia of the bone.
  • The lumbago, of Carb-an. occurs when walking, standing, and lying, feels as if the back were broken.
  • The mental state is one of low spirits, sadness, weeps when she eats, easily frightened, afraid in the dark, home-sick, wants to be alone.
  • Fear of the dark and worse on closing eyes is very marked.
  • Hearing is confused, cannot tell the direction from which sounds come.
  • There is an ichorous otorrhoea, and swelling of the periosteum over the mastoid bone is very characteristic.
  • Tip of nose red, or blue.
  • Disagreeable smoothness of the teeth.
  • There is a hoarse, suffocating cough producing a shaking of the brain as if it were loose.
  • Green, purulent, horribly offensive expectoration.
  • Axillary glands inflamed, buboes in groins.
  • Pressure with hand better coldness of stomach.
  • Symptoms are worse in cold air, better in warm room.
  • worse From sprains, from touch.
  • worse After shaving. Rest worse head symptoms.
  • worse Lying on right side (cough).
  • After menses, throbbing headache, worse in open air.
  • Weakness worse during menses.
Clinical Application
  • Used after Carbo Vegetabilis.
  • Acne rosacea, Bubo, Flatulence, Glandular disorder-Diabetes, Hypertension etc, Glandular indurations, Metrorrhagia, Pleurisy, Ptomaine poisoning, Ulceration, Verruca etc.
Tumor, Bubo, Ulcer and Cancer
  • Indurations, glands swollen, painful, in neck, axillae, groins, mammae, uterus. Buboes with hardness, with pains, which are lancinating, cutting, burning.
  • Burning-Burning pains, the inflamed parts. Burn intensely like fire, are indurated and bluish.
  • Burning and drawing pains in mammary cancer.
  • Malignant ulcerations in the cervix with burning.
  • Decomposition and ulcerations, gangrene with foul discharges and much blueness.
  • Ulcers indurated, especially of glands. Benign suppurations change into malignant conditions. Greenish, foul smelling, purulent acid discharges.
  • A bubo breaks down and forms an ulcer. All at once it stops suppurating and around about the tissues become hard and purple. 
Respiratory System
  • Ulceration of lung, with feeling of coldness of chest. 
  • Cough, with discharge of greenish pus.
  • Useful in late stages of pneumonia pthisis, pleurisy of a typhoid character.
  • In pneumonia with greenish, ichorous, offensive pus with a suffocating, hoarse cough, causing shaking in the brain as if loose.
  • Hearing weak and confused; tones become commingled; he cannot tell from which side they come, and it seems as though they came from another world.
  • Ringling in ears when blowing nose.
  • Ichorous otorhoea.
  • Parotid gland swollen and indurated; lancinating pains.
  • Periosteum behind ear swollen.
  • Menorrhagia from chronic induration of uterus; also in cachectic women, with glandular affections; blood black, clotted, putrid.
  • Menstrual flow dark, flows only in the morning, black, offensive, with cancerous ulcers in the uterus or cervix.
  • Menses too early, too long, not profuse, followed by great exhaustion (can hardly speak).
  • Nausea of pregnancy, worse at night.
  • Cancer of the uterus.
  • Chronic induration, with enlargement of the uterus, which gradually grows from year to year (Aur. m. n.). Induration of the cervix and the whole uterus.
  • Hard, painful nodules and indurations in breast, especially right.
  • Exhaustion in females most marked after menses. During menses so weak, can hardly speak or walk. Leucorrhoea, menses, Diarrhoea all exhausting.
  • Absence of sexual desire..
  • Seminal emissions or Frequent pollutions; parts feel weak; exhausted mentally and bodily.
  • Testicles seem to be growing gradually smaller, with complete relaxation of genitals and a feeling of weakness in them.
  • Syphilis; buboes, mostly left-sided; old maltreated buboes, cut open or cauterized, presenting large, terrible ulcers, with callous edges and a secretion of offensive ichor.
  • Scirrhus of scrotum.
  • Headache as if a tornado in the head, with a loose sensation of the brain, as if the head had been blown up, must sit up and hold it together.
  • Rush of blood to head.
  • Headache with dimness of vision > rubbing eyes.
  • Back-Pain in coccyx, burns when touched.
  • Extremities-Ankles turn easily.
  • Numbness of all the limbs.
  • Easy dislocations of hands and legs, or go to sleep easily.
  • Wrist pain.
  • Aching in the bones, digging pains in the arms.
  • Shootings in the hand fingers.
  • Coldness of the feet.
  • Inflammatory swelling of the feet and of the toes, as if they had been frozen with heat and burning.
  • Burning pain in the toes.
Urinary Organs
  • Emission of urine at night.
  • Involuntary emission of urine.
  • Fetid and Burning urine.
  • Burning soreness in the urethra when urinating.
Mind Symptoms of Carbo Animalis
  • Sad and reflective.
  • Homesickness.
  • Desires to be alone, avoids conversation.
  • Weeps when eating.
  • Alternate gaiety and despondency.
  • Sadness in the morning.
  • Aversion to company.
  • Fearful, easily frightened.
  • Afraid of the dark < closing eyes.
  • Anxiety at night, with orgasm of blood.
  • Confused and dull, does not know where the sound comes from.
  • Anger about former vexation.
  • Great weakness, exhaustion from loss of vital fluids. Leucorrhoea, menses, Diarrhoea all exhausting.
  • Indurated axillary glands.
  • Flatulence, eructations taste of ingesta. Pyrosis.
  • Great debility from straining and over lifting.
  • Corns painful, numerous.
  • Carbo Animalis is also helpful in skin affections like acne rosacea and warts. Spongy ulcers, copper colored eruptions of skin.
  • Chilblains.
  • Verrucae on hands and face of old people, with bluish colour of extremities.
  • Night sweat foetid and profuse.
  • Carbo Animalis is a chief remedy for the treatment of weak digestion.
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Carbo Animalis is used to complete the action of Carbo Vegetabilis. In the otherworld, after applying Carbo Veg. the residual part of compla...

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