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Development and Manifestations of the True Disease "PSORA"

The word "psora" is derived from the Hebrew 'tsorat' and Greek 'psora' which means a groove or stigma. Psora is called the miasm of deficiency. Psora is rooted as a miasm in the disease of leprosy and is derived from skin eruptions of various types, including as scabies (itch), leprosy and psoriasis. Hahnemann determined that psora was spread through skin to skin contract in humans and also in animals. Psora starts as an itching eruption of the skin and is very contagious. Hahnemann discovered that a single touch or contact with clothing or bandages from the person infected with psora meant that person could contact the disease.

All babies are exposed to the transfer of psora during pregnancy and the birth process from the mother. After contact, psora is immediately transmitted by the nervous system throughout the entire body because it is spread via the skin. Every human being will have psora and it is considered to be the "mother" of all chronic disease. Since all human beings will have psora, it is therefore responsible for the largest percentage of all chronic human disease. For this reason, Hahnemann referred to psora as a "hydra-headed monster".
  • It produces functional disturbance in the organism.
  • A Psoric patient is always afraid of dying but lives on for years.
  • Psoric patient is intelligent, over-sensitive, apprehensive.
  • Overassertive patients, all kinds of functional complaints when arising from emotional disturbances.
  • Sensitive to noise, to light and to odors.
  • Patients are usually chilly, dirty and easily fatigued and depressed.
  • Itching, skin dry, unwashed appearing with numerous eruptions.
  • Itching by scratching, but skin burns and smarts afterwards.
  • Hands and feet burn, flushes of heat, especially over face.
  • Vertigo.
  • Headache is relieved by lying down.
  • Always hungry after eating; a bloating sensation that is sensitive to touch.
  • Desires hot foods and meats.
  • Constipation.
  • Morning Diarrhoea.
  • Cannot stat sill, the patient must walk or lean against something if he is on his feet.
  • Susceptible to cold.
  • All complaints are relieved by heat and in summer.
  • All complaints are aggravated in winter.

Latent Psora

Latent Psora is a state when it remains slumbering or dormant without manifesting much disturbance and it has not yet come to the full outbreak of a manifest disease. Anyone who does not know the signs of its latent presence, would suppose and declare such persons to be healthy and free from any internal malady. But when such persons are exposed to some adverse circumstances the latent psora awakens and shows itself through varies types of manifest diseases.

Symptoms of Latest Psora

  • Mentally alert and quick; active in his motions but easily fatigued both mentally and physically.
  • Fatigue causes a desire to lie down and a dread to undertake anything requiring mental and physical exertion.
  • Depressed and not accustomed to silent suffering.
  • Cannot concentrate - subject to fits of anger.
  • He worries and fears something.
  • > by crying or natural eliminative functions.

Development of latent Psora

When the primary manifestations of psora (vesicular eruptions associated with intolerable voluptuous tickling itching and peculiar odour) are not cured by anti-Psoric treatment and are suppressed by local applications (artificial or natural), then the local cutaneous symptoms disappear but the disease is driven inwards and may remain dormant. This state is called as the latent state of Psora. In this state the disturbance is located in the central life mechanism, which is manifested through the perceptible sensorial and functional changes of the organism as a whole. Here nosology fails to be applied as the symptoms do not refer to any particular organ or tissue and the man through showing deviations from the healthy state is not termed as specifically diseased.

Primary manifestations of Psora

Primary manifestations of Psora

Manifestation of secondary ailments of Psora

But even where a person, who has the Psora slumbering within him, shows much semblance of health, but when his health and whole organism have been very much weaken and shaken, by a prevalent epidemic fever or an infectious acute disease (Small pox, Measles, Whooping cough, Scarlet fever, Purple rash etc.) or through an external severe lesion (a shock, a fall, a wound, a considerable burn, the breaking of an arm or leg, a hard labor, the confinement due to disease, usually helped on by the incorrect and weakening allopathic treatment, confinement at a sedentary occupation and a gloomy, close room, weakening the vital force, the dad losses of beloved relatives bending down the soul with grief, or daily vexation and annoyance, which embitter the life, deterioration of the food or an entire want of what is necessary and indispensable) the the Psora, which has hither to slumbered awakens and breaks out as the several severe nameless (Psoric) chronic disease.

Most of all, through awakening and exhausting improper treatment by allopathic physician, they are aggravated from time to time without intermission, often to a fearful height, if external circumstances favorable for the patient do not interpose.

But even if favorable external conditions should again check the rapid development of a disease that has broken out, true health cannot be lastingly restored by any of the modes of treatment hither to known. The customary allopathy treatment with their aggressive inappropriate remedies often hastens death, the end of all those maladies which the physician cannot heal.

In order to cure secondary psora, atipsoric medicine should be given and by atipsoric medicine if the eruptions be brought back, then the psora is cured.
Development and Manifestations of the True Disease "PSORA" Delowar Jahan Imran 5 of 5
The word "psora" is derived from the Hebrew 'tsorat' and Greek 'psora' which means a groove or stigma. Psora is ca...

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