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Keynote of Naja Tripudians Homeopathic Remedy

Naja Tripudians is made from the venom of the extremely poisonous Cobra snake. It acts primarily upon nervous system, especially upon respiratory nerves, pneumogastric and glossopharyngeal nerves. Produces typical bulbar paralysis, causes no hemorrhage, but only edema. This remedy is mainly used for the following complaints.

Clinical Application
  • Angina, Arrhythmia, Asthma, Congestive cardiac failure, Endocarditis, Headaches, Hypertension, Migraines, Ovarian cyst, Valvular disorders etc
  • Naja is a mild tempered Lachesis, without the forceful loquacity and the jealousy and aggressiveness. Naja does not have hemorrhagic and septic tendency like Lach. However it is similar to the latter -left sided affections, intolerance to collars, suffocations, night aggravation and cardiac complaints.
Snake Bite
  • In case of snake bite it is a wonderful medicine. It is given in 200 potency when snake bites human. Dosage would be 3 drops thrice with a gap of 10 minutes each
  • Benign or Malignant Tumors with Mind symptoms
  • Regenerator of diseased tissues, suppresses carcinomatous growths, increases the defensive forces of the organism.
  • Skin swellings caused by tumors and eschars, slow formation of pus, attenuation and diminution of pus. 
  • Affections of the serous skin, the muscles and the mucous membranes. 
  • In tumors the surrounding skin is swollen with slow formation of pus.
  • Headache in left temple and in left orbital region, extending to occiput, with nausea and vomiting.
  • The patient of Naja wakes with a headache every morning.
Heart Problem
  • Acute and chronic endocarditis. 
  • Damaged heart after infections diseases.
  • Valvular troubles of the heart with irritating dry cough
  • In young persons who grow up with cardiac valvular diseases.
  • Enlargement of the heart muscles
  • Severe stitching pain in region of heart.
  • Angina pains extending to neck, left shoulder and arm with anxiety and fear of death.
Respiratory System
  • Naja is the remedy for asthma, especially in cardiac asthma.
  • The Naja patient is subject to severe attacks of bronchitis and Naja cures it very nicely.
Allergic Rhinitis
  • Allergic rhinitis is sometimes called "hay fever". The symptoms being - much sneezing seen in this patient, with running of water from the nose.
Female Genitalia
  • Pain from left ovary to heart < one week before menses.
Mind Symptoms of NAJA
  • Delusion that he is being injured by his surroundings.
  • Under super human control.
  • Left Sided complaints.
  • Broods constantly over imaginary troubles and makes himself wretched.
  • Suicidal, brooding, insanity.
  • Suicidal disposition, axe, with an
  • Depressed with distress about sexual organs, better in the evening.
  • Dreads to be left alone.
  • Fear of rain.
  • Feels as if everything was done wrong and could not be rectified.
  • The Naja is mainly left sided remedy. Cures all left sided complaints.
  • Each and every complaints of Naja patient aggravate at night or after sleeping, on walking or exertion, by lying on left side.
  • Naja can also cure the chronic nervous palpitation. palpitation after exertion of any kind.
  • Sweating of palms and sole with dry cough.
  • Sweating of palms present from childhood 
Keynote of Naja Tripudians Homeopathic Remedy Delowar Jahan Imran 5 of 5
Naja Tripudians is made from the venom of the extremely poisonous Cobra snake. It acts primarily upon nervous system, especially upon respir...

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