Delowar Jahan Imran Welcome ! I am Delowar Jahan Imran. I do not like to bind myself in a routine life. Unknown everything attract me. I feel unseen love for everything. Whenever annoying time comes, I just sit with my poems though I am not a good reciter. I am a physicist, programmer and physician. Due to some personal reasons, I had to quit my first job and stay at home. Now I am happy that I can spend more time with my family. I maintain my present job and business from home.


  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Physics
  • Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Physics
    • Second Batch Student
    • Jagannath University, Dhaka


  • JAVA and PHP Programmer
  • Oracle Certified Professional
    • Technical Recruiter - IDB-BISEW (Past)
    • IT Consultant - FM Tech Ltd, Dhaka
    • Instructor - Training with Live Project
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  • DHMS (Homeopathy) - BHMC & Hospital, Dhaka
  • DMS (Allopathy) - IMWS of Bangladesh, Dhaka
    • Homeopathic & Allopathic Doctor (Medicine)
    • Private Practitioner (Mainly Homeopathy)
    • Expert in Classical, Clinical & Complex Homeopathy
    • Health Service

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