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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Pancreatitis Doctor in Dhaka Bangladesh for Acute and Chronic Problem

Today we are going to learn about the best Pancreatitis doctor in Dhaka Bangladesh who has a good success rate to cure acute and chronic pancreatitis permanently. Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas that does not heal or improve if you take allopathic treatment. Allopathy does not have the permanent solution of pancreatitis but the emergency treatment. If you take  Allopathic treatment for pancreatitis it gets worse over time and leads to permanent damage. 

Remember, the only one permanent solution of pancreatitis is Homeopathy. Yes, Homeopathy can cure Acute and chronic pancreatitis permanently with totally side effectless  Homeopathic medicines. Dr. Delowar Jahan Imran an expert homeopathic doctor of Dhaka Bangladesh giving the proper treatment to cure this fatal disease permanently.

A middle-aged or an elderly patient is suddenly seized with violent upper abdominal pain, at times radiating to the lumbar region. Vomiting is severe, the abdomen is distended, the bowels are constipated and severe shock with vasomotor collapse develops. The condition is as likely to be Acute Pancreatitis. Chronic pancreatitis often develops in patients between the ages of 30 and 40 and is more common in men than women.
Pancreatitis Doctor in Dhaka Bangladesh
Pancreatitis is a disease in which the pancreas becomes inflamed. Pancreatic damage happens when the digestive enzymes are activated before they are released into the small intestine and begin attacking the pancreas.

With repeated bouts of acute pancreatitis, damage to the pancreas can occur and lead to chronic pancreatitis. Scar tissue may form in the pancreas, causing loss of function. A poorly functioning pancreas can cause digestion problems and diabetes.

Obstruction of the pancreatic duct because of either a benign or malignant process may result in chronic pancreatitis.

The most important symptom is severe pain in the abdomen which is localized to the epigastrium or upper abdomen. It may radiate to the back, up to the scapula. This pain may vary from mild to severe in intensity. In most cases, nausea and vomiting accompany. The diagnosis of acute pancreatitis depends upon serum amylase. An increase in its level is seen during acute cholecystitis and perforated peptic ulcer, but in these cases, it is more than five times high. However, other physical signs are also equally important.

But a true homeopathic treatment depends on the proper case taking or investigation to apply for the medicine successfully. An expert homeopathic doctor knows better how to do it. The history of the patient and his/her nearest relatives are essential to find out the true diseases behind pancreatitis. So contact an expert and registered homeopathic doctor who has previous success in giving the proper treatment to cure this fatal disease permanently.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Keynote of Scrophularia Nodosa Homeopathic Remedy

Scrophularia Nodosa a homeopathic medicine is also known as Knotted Figwort. The tincture is prepared from the whole fresh plant. The remedy is used commonly for tumors or enlarged glands, skin diseases, abscess of the mammary glands, painful piles, bleeding piles, testicular disease, eczema of ear with itching and pus formation.

Clinical Application

Appendicitis, Breast tumors of, Colic, Deafness, Dyspepsia, Enuresis, Eyes scrofulous affections of, Glands enlarged, Leprosy, Liver pains in, Palms cramp in, Pemphigus, Rheumatism, Sigmoid flexure pain in, Sleepiness, Stiff-neck, Ureter pain in.

Key Benefits

  • Useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids
  • Relieves of warts, growths, eczema, rashes
  • Tumors, lumps, nodes or indurations in breasts
  • Fibroadenoma breast
  • Helpful in curing asthmatic conditions
  • Useful in Hodgkin's disease - a type of lymphoma, which is a blood cancer that starts in the lymphatic system.
  • Soothes pain in liver
  • IBS-Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Locally applied to cancerous glands
  • Swelling and hypertrophy of the prostate gland
  • Useful in pruritus vagiane
  • Tubercular Testis
Tumors and Cancer
  • Breast
  • Testis
  • Cancer of the glands ( Hodgkins Lymphoma)
Respiration and chest complaints
  • Complaints that occur while Inhaling, sensation of the chest pressure is relieved with Scrophularia
  • Cough without expectoration, Cutting pains after exposure to cold.
  • Scrophularia is indicated in violent dyspnea by turning on the either side.
  • It is effectively used in Breast abscess and relieved the complaints.
  • Eczema or Itching behind or around the ear.
  • Itching on the back of the hand, between fingers and inside the wrist.
  • Itching in the vagina
  • Scrophularia nodosa gradually lessens the Prickling, itching all over back of hand, between fingers.
  • Burning of the surface of the skin when rubbed
  • Irritating vesicles on inside of lip is relieved with Scrophularia
  • Sensitive to light
  • Can see the objects after closing the eyes
  • Eyeballs feel sore, Pain in the eyebrows
  • Worse lying on right side
  • Patient feels very sleepy especially in the morning, before and after eating with tiredness.
  • Pain, cramping
  • Cramps, diarrhea, food sensitivities 
  • Pain in the liver region with bleeding, painful and protruding piles.
  • Cutting in liver on pressure. 
  • Pain in right hypochondrium, worse deep inspiration or lying right side. 
  • Twisting-pinching pain in umbilicus (left side). 
  • Colic just below navel and some griping in the side in afternoon.
  • Fear, control, losing
  • Fear, accidents of
  • Loquacity, cheerful, exuberant
  • Communicative
  • Lack of control over life
  • Fear of losing girlfriend and parents
Stool and anus
  • Several stools daily with tenesmus.
  • Excessive drowsiness in the forenoon and afternoon, before and after eating. 
  • Sweetish water accumulation in the mouth is an indication of Scrophularia.
  • Scrophularia is a valuable remedy like Rhus tox in complaints of Joints, or articulations, with pains that last longer that increase more by rest.
  • Stiffness that travels from knee to ankles is overcome with help of this remedy.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Role of Carbo Vegetabilis Homeopathic Remedy

Carbo Vegetabilis is a great homeopathic medicine for Post Trauma Syndrome (PTS). It might be physical or mental trauma. Carbo Vegetabilis is prepared from vegetable charcoal. It is a homeopathic remedy for the ability to reverse near death states of utter collapse.

Clinical Applications

Acidity, Acne, Angina Pectoris, Aortitis, Aphonia, Asthenopia, Asthma, Breasts erysipelas of, Bronchitis, Burns, Carbuncle, Catarrh, Chilblains, Cholera, Constipation, Cough, Deafness, Debility, Diarrhoea, Distension, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Emphysema, Erysipelas, Eructations, Feet cold, Flatulence, Gangrene, Haemorrhages, Haemorrhoids, Hair falling out, Headache, Heart diseases of, Influenza, Intermittents, Intertrigo, Irritation, Laryngitis, Lungs congested, Measles, Mumps, Nose bleeding of, Orchitis, Otorrhoea, Pregnancy, disorders of, Purpura, Scabies, Scurvy, Shiverings, Sleep disorders of, Starting Stomach disordered, Stomatitis, Trachea, dryness of Tympanites, Typhus, Ulcers, Yellow fever etc.

Carbo Vegetabilis must be prescribed at first in case of-

  • One dying after an exhausting illness.
  • Person who have never fully recovered from the exhausting effects of some previous illness.
  • Person almost dead
  • In the last stages of disease, with copious cold sweat, cold breath, cold tongue, voice lost, this remedy may save a life.
  • History of any fatal disease.
  • History of severe and recurrent Typhoid, Malaria.
  • History of severe Measles, Mumps, burn and their after effects.
  • History of dangerous trauma and after effects
  • History of different vaccinations and after effects
  • History of taking medicine(s) of mother before, during pregnancy and also during period of lactation e.g. Medicine(s) for Typhoid, Diabetes, Epilepsy etc.
  • History of taking juice of different leaves or roots of plants as medicine for prolong period.
  • History of taking any intoxicating drug or liquor for prolong period.
  • History of taking snuff for prolong period
  • History of smoking (Cigars, Cigarettes etc.) for prolong period.
  • History of Tobacco chewing for prolong period.
  • Not well since from any adverse situation, like after the death of dearest one, disappointment of love etc.
  • Patient of Level-8 i.e. almost lost case [in chronic condition where doses with increased potency is need] (Carbo veg 0/1)
  • When Vital force is "slow and sluggish" by nature.
  • Patient of Level-8, where no energy persists i.e. Vital force is in the end stage [in acute condition Carbo veg CM single dose is sufficient]
  • Where there is "Quick deterioration" of Vital force.

General Applications

  • Internal burning with external coldness.
  • Black bleeding from ulcers. Oozing of blood from inflamed surfaces. Bleeding from lungs; from the uterus; from the bladder, vomiting of blood (as in cancer).
  • Dark, oozing hemorrhage from the uterus; (as in Ca-cervix).
  • The skin and mucous membrane ulcerates but no repair, no tissue making, no healing tendency.
  • Gangrene, septic condition, blood poisoning especially after surgical operations and after shock.
  • Indifferent fellow, Heard everything without feeling pleasantly or unpleasantly, and without thinking about it. Horrible things do not seem to affect him much. He does not quite know where he loves his wife and children or not. This is a part of the sluggishness.
  • Occipital headache, violent pressive pain in the lower portion of the occiput.
  • Chronic catarrh, feel better when free discharge from the nose, if the discharge stops, congestion to the head comes.
  • The hair falls out by the handful.
  • Troublesome eye symptoms. Feels sluggish mentally, and does not want to think. Wants to sit or lie around, for every exertion headache starts and troublesome eye symptoms start.
  • Offensive, watery, ichorous, acrid and excoriating ear discharge, especially those dating back to malaria, measles..
  • When symptoms are in confusion, and the patient has been so much doctored that there is no congruity left in the symptoms.
  • Inflammation of the parotid glands, or mumps when change their adobe, from being chilled, and go in the girl to the mammary gland and in the boy to the testes,... bad smelling ear discharge, loss of hearing, ulceration of the internal ear.
  • Separation of the gums from the teeth, teeth get loose. Spongy gums and bleeds easily, which are very sensitive. Teeth decay rapidly. Bleeding of the gums when cleaning the teeth.
  • Wants to be fanned constantly while cold body surface etc. during critical condition.
  • Sensitiveness and inflammation of the tongue during the state of blood poisoning.
  • The mouth and throat are filled with little purple aphthous ulcers, which were tittle, white spots to begin with, but they have grown purplish and now ooze black blood.
  • In both the male and female organs there is a weakness and relaxation. The male organs hang down. Relaxation of the genitalia; cold and sweating genitals. The fluids escape involuntary.
  • Uterus drags down so that she cannot stand on her feet. All the internal organs feel heavy and hang down.
  • Suppression of milk; prostration of great debility from nursing.
  • The hoarseness comes on in the evening.
  • ..in the beginning of whooping cough.
  • ... in difficulties of breathing. Suffocation; cannot lie down. A feeling of weakness in the chest, as if he could not get another breath. It may be due to cardiac weakness or may be asthmatic.
  • Weak digestion: simplest food disagree;
  • Patients craves things that make them sick.
  • asthma dates from measles or pertussis is of childhood.
  • ...in old, badly treated cases of pneumonia, with a remaining bronchitis..
  • ... in a weakly state in young people, as if it were a premature old age in the middle-aged people; or in the breaking down that naturally belongs to old age.
  • ... great comforter of aged people...
  • The pulse is almost imperceptible.
  • The sleep is full of dreams.
  • .. indicated after surgical shock, when the patient goes into collapse, and is danger of dying from the shock of the operation.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Role of Carbo Animalis Homeopathic Remedy

Carbo Animalis is used to complete the action of Carbo Vegetabilis. In the otherworld, after applying Carbo Veg. the residual part of complaints or sufferings can be solved or removed with Carbo Animalis. Because Carbo Animalis is more deep acting than Carbo Veg. The remedy is prepared from charred ox-hide and contains a small quantity of Calcarea Phosphoricum in it. It is a complementary of Calc phos.
The proving of Carbo animalis presents the appearance of a broken down constitution. It brought out in the provers just such symptoms as occur in old, feeble constitutions with poor repair and lack of reaction.

Keynote of Carbo Animalis

  • Useful in scrofulous and venous constitutions, in old persons, greatly debilitated by disease.
  • Enlargement of veins in different parts of the body, blueness of skin with weak circulation and lowered vitality.
  • Diseases which have an insidious onset, are chronic and sluggish in development and may assume malignancy in the long run.
  • Weak anemic and broken down constitutions.
  • Sad, fearful, debilitated and broken down constitutions, in late stages of exhausting diseases.
  • Slow, chronic malignant disorders < from slight cause.
  • Indurations, burnings, ulcerations and degenerations.
  • Great weakness, exhaustion from loss of vital fluids.
  • Carb-an. is suited to old persons, greatly debilitated, especially when there is venous plethora, and blueness of skin.
  • Ulceration, gangrene, and decomposition are marked, and may be looked upon as the counterpart of the antiseptic properties of the crude substance.
  • Copper-colored eruptions show the appropriateness of the drug to many cases of constitutional syphilis.
  • Glands of stony hardness.
  • Buboes.
  • It is often indicated in the last stage of pneumonias, bronchitis, phthisis.
  • Right chest is most affected.
  • Cancer of breast with burning, drawing pains through breast.
  • Cancer of uterus, burning pains down thigh.
  • Affections from loss of animal fluids, especially nursing women.
  • Weakness of nursing women, can hardly walk across the room.
  • "Gone" feeling from loss of fluids.
  • Too weak to eat.
  • Weeps when she eats.
  • Nausea at night.
  • Hunger in early morning.
  • The goneness of Carb-an. is not better by eating (Carb-v. better eating).
  • Constipation where patient thinks bowels will be moved but only wind passes.
  • There is a smothering feeling on closing eyes.
  • Aversion to dark.
  • A peculiar symptom is: A feeling of looseness-of eyes in sockets, of brain on motion or coughing.
  • Far-sighted (Carb-v. is near-sighted).
  • Objects seem farther apart and brighter.
  • Aversion to cold (Carb-v. to heat).
  • There are many sensations of coldness: in chest, about stomach.
  • Discharges are ichorous, but the discharge from piles is inodorous.
  • Carb-an. 3X trituration has been used for insufflation in aural polypi.
  • The leucorrhoea stains linen yellow.
  • Sweat stains yellow.
  • Expectoration is greenish, purulent, offensive (Carb-v. yellow, more fetid).
  • Gnawing pains in tibia (during the night), such as usually followed cold feet.
  • Cough evening and morning, or after lying down, especially at night, thick or frothy whitish or yellowish sputa, sweetish when thick, worse lying on right side, worse from exposure to air, to which he is very sensitive.
  • Great tendency to catch cold." The pains in the coccyx are peculiar, a dragging, bruised pain, when touched it becomes burning.
  • It has cured many cases of injured coccyx and of neuralgia of the bone.
  • The lumbago, of Carb-an. occurs when walking, standing, and lying, feels as if the back were broken.
  • The mental state is one of low spirits, sadness, weeps when she eats, easily frightened, afraid in the dark, home-sick, wants to be alone.
  • Fear of the dark and worse on closing eyes is very marked.
  • Hearing is confused, cannot tell the direction from which sounds come.
  • There is an ichorous otorrhoea, and swelling of the periosteum over the mastoid bone is very characteristic.
  • Tip of nose red, or blue.
  • Disagreeable smoothness of the teeth.
  • There is a hoarse, suffocating cough producing a shaking of the brain as if it were loose.
  • Green, purulent, horribly offensive expectoration.
  • Axillary glands inflamed, buboes in groins.
  • Pressure with hand better coldness of stomach.
  • Symptoms are worse in cold air, better in warm room.
  • worse From sprains, from touch.
  • worse After shaving. Rest worse head symptoms.
  • worse Lying on right side (cough).
  • After menses, throbbing headache, worse in open air.
  • Weakness worse during menses.
Clinical Application
  • Used after Carbo Vegetabilis.
  • Acne rosacea, Bubo, Flatulence, Glandular disorder-Diabetes, Hypertension etc, Glandular indurations, Metrorrhagia, Pleurisy, Ptomaine poisoning, Ulceration, Verruca etc.
Tumor, Bubo, Ulcer and Cancer
  • Indurations, glands swollen, painful, in neck, axillae, groins, mammae, uterus. Buboes with hardness, with pains, which are lancinating, cutting, burning.
  • Burning-Burning pains, the inflamed parts. Burn intensely like fire, are indurated and bluish.
  • Burning and drawing pains in mammary cancer.
  • Malignant ulcerations in the cervix with burning.
  • Decomposition and ulcerations, gangrene with foul discharges and much blueness.
  • Ulcers indurated, especially of glands. Benign suppurations change into malignant conditions. Greenish, foul smelling, purulent acid discharges.
  • A bubo breaks down and forms an ulcer. All at once it stops suppurating and around about the tissues become hard and purple. 
Respiratory System
  • Ulceration of lung, with feeling of coldness of chest. 
  • Cough, with discharge of greenish pus.
  • Useful in late stages of pneumonia pthisis, pleurisy of a typhoid character.
  • In pneumonia with greenish, ichorous, offensive pus with a suffocating, hoarse cough, causing shaking in the brain as if loose.
  • Hearing weak and confused; tones become commingled; he cannot tell from which side they come, and it seems as though they came from another world.
  • Ringling in ears when blowing nose.
  • Ichorous otorhoea.
  • Parotid gland swollen and indurated; lancinating pains.
  • Periosteum behind ear swollen.
  • Menorrhagia from chronic induration of uterus; also in cachectic women, with glandular affections; blood black, clotted, putrid.
  • Menstrual flow dark, flows only in the morning, black, offensive, with cancerous ulcers in the uterus or cervix.
  • Menses too early, too long, not profuse, followed by great exhaustion (can hardly speak).
  • Nausea of pregnancy, worse at night.
  • Cancer of the uterus.
  • Chronic induration, with enlargement of the uterus, which gradually grows from year to year (Aur. m. n.). Induration of the cervix and the whole uterus.
  • Hard, painful nodules and indurations in breast, especially right.
  • Exhaustion in females most marked after menses. During menses so weak, can hardly speak or walk. Leucorrhoea, menses, Diarrhoea all exhausting.
  • Absence of sexual desire..
  • Seminal emissions or Frequent pollutions; parts feel weak; exhausted mentally and bodily.
  • Testicles seem to be growing gradually smaller, with complete relaxation of genitals and a feeling of weakness in them.
  • Syphilis; buboes, mostly left-sided; old maltreated buboes, cut open or cauterized, presenting large, terrible ulcers, with callous edges and a secretion of offensive ichor.
  • Scirrhus of scrotum.
  • Headache as if a tornado in the head, with a loose sensation of the brain, as if the head had been blown up, must sit up and hold it together.
  • Rush of blood to head.
  • Headache with dimness of vision > rubbing eyes.
  • Back-Pain in coccyx, burns when touched.
  • Extremities-Ankles turn easily.
  • Numbness of all the limbs.
  • Easy dislocations of hands and legs, or go to sleep easily.
  • Wrist pain.
  • Aching in the bones, digging pains in the arms.
  • Shootings in the hand fingers.
  • Coldness of the feet.
  • Inflammatory swelling of the feet and of the toes, as if they had been frozen with heat and burning.
  • Burning pain in the toes.
Urinary Organs
  • Emission of urine at night.
  • Involuntary emission of urine.
  • Fetid and Burning urine.
  • Burning soreness in the urethra when urinating.
Mind Symptoms of Carbo Animalis
  • Sad and reflective.
  • Homesickness.
  • Desires to be alone, avoids conversation.
  • Weeps when eating.
  • Alternate gaiety and despondency.
  • Sadness in the morning.
  • Aversion to company.
  • Fearful, easily frightened.
  • Afraid of the dark < closing eyes.
  • Anxiety at night, with orgasm of blood.
  • Confused and dull, does not know where the sound comes from.
  • Anger about former vexation.
  • Great weakness, exhaustion from loss of vital fluids. Leucorrhoea, menses, Diarrhoea all exhausting.
  • Indurated axillary glands.
  • Flatulence, eructations taste of ingesta. Pyrosis.
  • Great debility from straining and over lifting.
  • Corns painful, numerous.
  • Carbo Animalis is also helpful in skin affections like acne rosacea and warts. Spongy ulcers, copper colored eruptions of skin.
  • Chilblains.
  • Verrucae on hands and face of old people, with bluish colour of extremities.
  • Night sweat foetid and profuse.
  • Carbo Animalis is a chief remedy for the treatment of weak digestion.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Keynote of Naja Tripudians Homeopathic Remedy

Naja Tripudians is made from the venom of the extremely poisonous Cobra snake. It acts primarily upon nervous system, especially upon respiratory nerves, pneumogastric and glossopharyngeal nerves. Produces typical bulbar paralysis, causes no hemorrhage, but only edema. This remedy is mainly used for the following complaints.

Clinical Application
  • Angina, Arrhythmia, Asthma, Congestive cardiac failure, Endocarditis, Headaches, Hypertension, Migraines, Ovarian cyst, Valvular disorders etc
  • Naja is a mild tempered Lachesis, without the forceful loquacity and the jealousy and aggressiveness. Naja does not have hemorrhagic and septic tendency like Lach. However it is similar to the latter -left sided affections, intolerance to collars, suffocations, night aggravation and cardiac complaints.
Snake Bite
  • In case of snake bite it is a wonderful medicine. It is given in 200 potency when snake bites human. Dosage would be 3 drops thrice with a gap of 10 minutes each
  • Benign or Malignant Tumors with Mind symptoms
  • Regenerator of diseased tissues, suppresses carcinomatous growths, increases the defensive forces of the organism.
  • Skin swellings caused by tumors and eschars, slow formation of pus, attenuation and diminution of pus. 
  • Affections of the serous skin, the muscles and the mucous membranes. 
  • In tumors the surrounding skin is swollen with slow formation of pus.
  • Headache in left temple and in left orbital region, extending to occiput, with nausea and vomiting.
  • The patient of Naja wakes with a headache every morning.
Heart Problem
  • Acute and chronic endocarditis. 
  • Damaged heart after infections diseases.
  • Valvular troubles of the heart with irritating dry cough
  • In young persons who grow up with cardiac valvular diseases.
  • Enlargement of the heart muscles
  • Severe stitching pain in region of heart.
  • Angina pains extending to neck, left shoulder and arm with anxiety and fear of death.
Respiratory System
  • Naja is the remedy for asthma, especially in cardiac asthma.
  • The Naja patient is subject to severe attacks of bronchitis and Naja cures it very nicely.
Allergic Rhinitis
  • Allergic rhinitis is sometimes called "hay fever". The symptoms being - much sneezing seen in this patient, with running of water from the nose.
Female Genitalia
  • Pain from left ovary to heart < one week before menses.
Mind Symptoms of NAJA
  • Delusion that he is being injured by his surroundings.
  • Under super human control.
  • Left Sided complaints.
  • Broods constantly over imaginary troubles and makes himself wretched.
  • Suicidal, brooding, insanity.
  • Suicidal disposition, axe, with an
  • Depressed with distress about sexual organs, better in the evening.
  • Dreads to be left alone.
  • Fear of rain.
  • Feels as if everything was done wrong and could not be rectified.
  • The Naja is mainly left sided remedy. Cures all left sided complaints.
  • Each and every complaints of Naja patient aggravate at night or after sleeping, on walking or exertion, by lying on left side.
  • Naja can also cure the chronic nervous palpitation. palpitation after exertion of any kind.
  • Sweating of palms and sole with dry cough.
  • Sweating of palms present from childhood 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Constitution of Patient in Homeopathy

In homoeopathy, the choice of remedy is based on a consideration of the totality of an individual's symptoms and circumstances, including personality, behaviors, fears, responses to the physical environment, food preferences, philosophy of early life of patient, history of patient's nearest relatives and so on. No knowledge is perfect unless it includes an understanding of the origin - that is, the beginning; and as all man’s diseases originate in his constitution it is necessary that his constitution should be known if we wish to know his diseases.
Stuart close said - Constitution is that aggregate of hereditary characters, influenced more or less by environment, which determines the individual's reaction, successful or unsuccessful, to the stress of environment.
It is needed to assess the peculiarities of an individual during his or her apparently healthy state. The peculiarities of each individual are put together and assessed in three ways. They are-
  • Actual constitutional diagnosis
  • Development constitutional diagnosis
  • Environmental constitutional diagnosis
Dr. Kent says, Physical constitution is the external disorder following disorder in the man, the vital force.
Constitution is a term which covers vast dimensions in width, depth and intricacy, but it is often inadequately understood. It has two basic factors-
  • The endogenous factor
  • The exogenous factor
The endogenous factors are innate in the individual incurred from the heredity. They endow the organism with various types of tendencies susceptibilities, reactions to the stress of environment.

The exogenous factors are incurred gradually and steadily since birth from the various intimate details of the environmental factors.

Ultimately, both these exogenous and endogenous factors may be come so much intimately mingled up that they form a new type of constitution of the particular organisms - totally distinct from progenitors and even others of the same species. From this approach it is clear that each individual has a distinctly characteristic constitution of his or his own.

It is for this reason necessary, that persons are studied in details in their distinctive features, that signify the personality. They bring out unfailing indications in the health-ill relations and guide the treatment.
Constitution of Patient in Homeopathy

Types of Constitution

There are different types of constitution which are carried into homeopathic parlance from old-time pathology. Some of them are-
  • Scrofulous constitution: Glands remain swollen, general weakness, lack of reaction, wound and inflammations tardy to heal, considered to be the result of hereditary combination of Psora and Syphilis.
  • Hydrogenoid constitution: Increased susceptibility to humidity, even to aquatic vegetables. Hence the symptoms of a disease in this constitution of the body are aggravated by every thing which in any way increases the atoms of water in the organism. Considered to be the result of intimate combination of Psora and Sycosis.
  • Oxygenoid constitution: it is characterized by the accumulation of excess of oxygen with resultant destruction of body tissues. Body is thin and thus ill on change of season. Destructive, disorders involving the genitalia and diseases of central nervous system. Body is prone to ulcerations and self-destruction. Numerous white spots on the nails. 
  • Carbo Nitrogenoid constitution: It is characterized by excess of carbon and nitrogen and suffers from functional disorders of body and mind, diminution of the absorption of oxygen by the tissues. Psora, eczema, arthritism, marked by erratic working or the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen  etc.
  • Leucophlegmatic constitution: Catarrhal, flabby, water-logged constitution, with pale loose skin. Sluggish in all movements and activities. Chilly and susceptible to cold.
There are also choleric (bilious), chlorotic (anemic with greenish pallor), Neuropathic(Easily excited and depressed), Dyscratic, Lithemic, Neuropathic constitution etc.

Factors related to constitution

Constitution consists of various factors. The chief are-
  • Physical make-up of the body
  • Temperament
  • Heat and cold relation
  • Desire and aversion to food
  • Miasm - PTS, PRS, Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis, Tubercular
  • Diathesis
  • Susceptibility and responses
  • Addictions, habit etc.
It also includes all other factors that work in his framing and that make him distinct, definite and different and thus separate from other persons.

Therapeutic Importance

It is has been noticed that every individual drug has a special relative affinity for particular type of constitution. This fact was clearly noticed by Hahnemann while conducting drug proving as well as in his practice.

Constitutional Diagnosis

Constitutional diagnosis means the assessment of the peculiarities of an individual during his or her apparently healthy state.

Those that pertain to the individuality of the patient even when he is apparently healthy and which modify or qualify symptoms of the disease he is suffering from - helping us for person-diagnosis, i.e., the diagnosis of the constitutional individuality of the patient.

To understand this independently of his disease three things have to be investigated:
  • Actual constitutional diagnosis.
  • Developmental constitutional diagnosis.
  • Environmental constitutional diagnosis.
The actual constitutional diagnosis is done by observing the peculiarities of the individual during his/her apparently healthy state. Only then, the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in disease that is to say, in every individual case of disease.

The developmental constitutional diagnosis is done by examining and finding out the phases through which the patient has passed to reach his present actual psycho-somatic constitution of personality, including the hereditary investigation.

The environmental constitutional diagnosis consists in the assessment of the modalities or the individual's characteristic reaction e.g. how does this person react to his environment, as to time, place and circumstances.

Constitutional medicine

Constitutional medicine means the medicine which can correct the constitutional defects -  inherent and acquired. Every antimiasmatic medicine is a constitutional medicine. It acts better only after other miasmatic effects are removed or brought to latent state.

For constitutional diagnosis of an individual of Homeopathic physician should search about Fruit-True-Earth Syndrome, Philosophy of early life and development of Philosophy of life, which is high and only mission of the physician. This type of study of an individual will give unfailing indication in the health-ill relations and guide the treatment. This procedure of treatment make Homeopathy (real not superficial) the unique and unparalleled therapeutic system. Constitution of Patient in Homeopathy

This procedure exclude symptomatic treatment i.e. considering aggregation of complete symptoms, Rubrics etc. and treatment of results of the disease, like-Pyrexia(fever), Colic, Migraine, Arthritis, Skin diseases, Cancer, Palsy, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Hypertension etc. After constitutional diagnosis the similimum [following construction of six cycles.] will remove and annihilate the disease in its whole extent [constitutional defect-inherent and acquired] which is the source of all physical as well as mental problems. In this way an individual gets back "Freedom" in place of "Consciousness".
  • Consciousness is equally proportional to Pathology
  • Freedom is inversely proportional to Pathology
  • So, Consciousness is inversely proportional to Freedom
Pathology: Something abnormal; the structural and functional deviations from the normal that constitute disease.

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Practical utilities of the knowledge of the Vital Force

Practical utilities of Vital Force are follows

  • It helps to perceive the dynamic nature of life, its actions and reactions which surmount the mere physical and chemical actions and reactions.
  • It helps to understand the dynamic concept of health, disease and cure.
  • It helps to understand the person as a whole both in health and disease - holistic conception of man
  • It helps to individualize each person from others.
  • It helps us to explain the curative nature of the homeopathic dynamic medicine, although apparently contradictory (Because the inherent nature of vitality is to react against any stimulus external or internal, mental and physical).
  • It helps us to explain and substantiate the theory of drug-dynamisation.
  • It helps to explain the conception of chronic miasm, its infection, progress and cure.
  • It helps to appreciate the administration to one simple, single medicine at a time.
  • It helps to justify the significance of using minimum dose in Homeopathy.
  • It helps to appreciate that the moral and psychic sides of man are also important like the physical ones to understand the man fully.
  • It helps to appreciate that no state of a living man is static, it is continuously changing and is reacting against, and is being acted by various environmental factors, both internal and external endlessly.
  • It helps to interpret precisely any and every change in the organism and takes necessary steps accordingly.
Practical utilities of the knowledge of the Vital Force

The knowledge of Vital Force is essential in Homeopathy

  • The theory of vital force is a fundamental conception of Homeopathy. The whole of Homeopathy revolves around it. Almost all the principles of this system are explained with the help of this theory. The knowledge of vital force is essential for the following factors-
  • To understand the dynamic concept of life - health, disease and cure.
  • To appreciate the holistic concept of health, disease and cure
  • To appreciate the dynamic concept of homeopathic treatment.
  • To appreciate the administration of one simple, single medicine, at a time.
  • To justify the significance of using minimum dose in Homeopathy.
  • To explain and substantiate the theory of drug-dynamisation.
  • To explain the concept of miasm, its infection, progress and cure.